And I Digress Again … A Banshee Revisited

Thank you to the editors at WordPress for allowing me my Freshly Pressed moment in the sun.  Thank you also to those who took the time to read my words and even write some of your own.  Being Freshly Pressed has been quite a rush!  Needless to say, I didn’t need that third cup of coffee on Friday.  Finally, special thanks to those of you reading these non-Freshly Pressed words. I hope you’ll continue to stop by Etiquette from the Trenches!

I was sitting and coloring with Molly when my email notification starting binging like crazy asking me to moderate a flood of blog comments.  I checked my site stats and suddenly they’d gone from my humble two-digit stats to three-digits and were climbing fast.  What?  Could it be?  I clicked “Read Freshly Pressed” and there it was – the picture of Molly with the title “Small, Screaming Banshee.”  My only thought was, “FRESHLY PRESSED!!!  I’M FRESHLY PRESSED!”  It was only later that day (much later) that I thought, “People around the world are seeing a horrible picture of adorable Molly attached to the words “Small, Screaming Banshee.”  Time to start the therapy fund.

So, in an effort to be fair to my Molly and to perhaps save time and money in future counseling sessions, let me tell you the rest of the story about that infamous tantrum.  I realized the errors of my overly ambitious grocery plans, picked Molly up, straightened the mess (as best I could – the kind lady who was dinged by the can helped me), and walked out of the store.  On the way out I wasn’t met with glares or eye rolls.  Instead, the lady at the flower section handed Molly a cut flower and told her “I hope it’s better soon.”  The man who bags groceries asked me if I needed any help and told Molly she’s too cute to be so sad.  I may have been mortified by the moment but I’d forgotten that the people working at that particular store know Molly. 

To them, she’s the little girl who comes in all the time and greets EVERYONE who walks by with a, “Hi!”  The one who occasionally breaks into dance and song to entertain the lobsters.  She’s the little girl frequently in wings and a twirly dress.  She’s the girl who plays peek-a-boo with the bagger and says “Dank doo” to the cashier who rings up our groceries.  They know her.  And to know Molly, even to just briefly come in contact with her a couple of times a week in a grocery store, is to love her.  Unfortunately, most of you reading my blog don’t know Molly.  So, here is Molly in a nutshell:

Molly frequently wears fairy wings to stores and doctors’ appointments.  Her favorite place to fall asleep is on her dad’s chest.   She breaks into song (loud song) at random moments throughout the day.  She says “bye-bye Jesus” when she leaves her school which happens to be in a church.  Her favorite book is Go Away Big, Green Monster by Ed Emberly.  She loves tomatoes and likes to eat them whole like apples.  She mimics her 6-year old sister, wants to be JUST like her.  She is sad in the morning when her Dad leaves for work and again when her brother and sister leave for school.  She loves dogs.  If you’re ever hurt (physically or otherwise) she’ll rub your arm, give it a kiss and tell you to “get ban-aid.”  She loves to cook and wash dishes.  She is a singer, dancer, and artist.  She knows her colors, shapes and ABC’s.  (Not because of my stellar parenting but because she’s a little sponge.)  She is hilarious.  This girl can crack a joke.  And, sometimes, she has a meltdown.

She’s my Molly, my baby.  And she’s perfect.

Molly watching fireworks over Lake Superior with her dad.

32 thoughts on “And I Digress Again … A Banshee Revisited

  1. she sounds adorable, I’m sure she won’t need too much therapy 😉 My little one’s the same way: he’s a total angel most of the time, but when he’s not…well…he’s a small screaming banshee lol…keep blogging, I love your style!

  2. She sounds like a little sweetheart 🙂 Don’t worry too much about misrepresenting her – in the moment, it would have been difficult, and those were real feelings. It doesn’t necessarily mean that’s her, it just means she had a moment, and you gave great advice on how to deal with it. Great post, I’m totally hooked on your blog.

  3. Pixie! You didnt have a kid, you had a pixie. 😉 I am not a fan of kids, a rare few make me smile. Your child seems to be one of the few that would make me smile. I was walking home from work one day, and saw a little girl riding in a bike seat. Looking up at the trees and singing her little heart out. I grinned all the way home. Your daughter sounds amazing and funny.

  4. I loved your original post, but I think it is wonderful that you gave us a more detailed description of your little one. One of my favorite pieces of advice when I was pregnant with my first (and probably the best piece!) was to “raise them the best you can, and pay to send them to a good therapist when they’re older.” 🙂

  5. Your daughter sounds delightful! Every kid has good days and bad days, it’s just how it goes – I love that you wanted to balance out your story though – it shows what a great mom you are! And I think if we’re honest, we’d all be wise to have a therapy fund going, just in case : )

  6. aw what a lovely post! She sounds like a real cutie pie 🙂 The wings and the twirly skirts sound fabulous!

    Truly highlights the point of your last post though, that just because they’re being a screaming banshee in this moment, doesn’t mean they’re not an absolute angel 90% of the time. Certainly I should try and remember that when my two tots kick off when we’re shopping! 🙂

  7. I have a 2 year old Molly, too. She sounds a lot like your Molly – totally adorable, but a toddler none the less!
    I am enjoying your blog 🙂

  8. If that’s what girl screaming banshees look like you are very blessed! Little boy screaming banshees can be a lot less cute 😉

    I’m always wondering what my boys will say about me in therapy later in life!

  9. Dear Amy-

    One of the things I find greatest is people who love their children a skabillion. After that are people who love their children a skabillion and know how to share that love in the written word.

    Thank you again. So beautiful.


  10. Congrats on being “Freshly Pressed”! That is wonderful news. I loved hearing about the “true” Molly. She sounds like a sweet girl. Luckily our kids aren’t perfect, thus giving us something to write about. 🙂 Keep up the amazing job!

  11. Thank you, your posts are exactly what I want to read. I would want your daughter for myself if I didn’t have one that is now the 7 year old version of Molly (no wings any more, but a big thing for stripes and tights that sparkle) and one that is the mini 18-month old in-training model (just learnt to run, flying is next). I have a boy version, too (he’s 4) – how lucky am I? Keep writing and I’ll keep reading 🙂

    1. You are very lucky! Isn’t it awesome how they’re each so different? I also have an 8 yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. The 6 yr old loves anything that sparkles. 🙂 I would love for you to keep reading (and commenting).

      Thank you!

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