Godzilla versus 2011

I’m great at beginnings.  I love them.  Starting a project, a challenge, a journey, a workout plan, a move, a job, a blog, a new year … is energizing.  The newness is almost tangible.  It’s filled with hope, promise, and enthusiasm.  It’s fun to ride the wave of a fresh start.

In fact, I would be pretty close to a perfect person if every day was January 1.  I would be the embodiment of New Year’s Resolutions in action – healthy, productive, creative, and motivated.

Unfortunately, every day is not January 1 and beginnings turn into middles.  The excitement fades.  The new running shoes become just shoes.  The new job turns routine.  The new house is just the source of a massive to-do list.  Things like will-power, commitment, and determination have to replace the momentum of newness.

I was optimistically going to resolve that in 2011 I would face each day with enthusiasm and energy – to face each day as a beginning.  My kids do it.  They wake up excited every day.   David, for example, always has something (or several somethings) that he’s excited about.  (Right now he’s instantly energized whenever he discusses his newfound love of classic Godzilla movies.)  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to face each day like a child?

Sadly, my adult mind knows that wishing I could face each day like a child is the same as wishing I had my son’s eight-year old metabolism.  So, my slightly revised resolution is to tackle my family, professional, and fitness goals with enthusiasm and energy.  However, on the day that the enthusiasm fades, I plan to just keep going!

“Keep going.”  So simple but so challenging!

In her blog, Transplanted Thoughts, Amy (good name!) considered the one word that would summarize her 2010.   I won’t give away her word but you should definitely check it out!  My 2010 word would be beginnings.  2010 was a year of fresh starts for me – it was a good year.

And my word for 2011?  Perseverance.  Because the excitement may be in the beginnings but the true accomplishments are achieved in the long haul!

(David, by the way, prefers to watch Godzilla in Japanese with subtitles.  Who is this child?  And can reading subtitles count for his homework reading time?)

8 thoughts on “Godzilla versus 2011

  1. I have this image of you caught up in an 80’s movie where you mysteriously switch bodies with your son! 🙂

    But seriously, it isn’t right that those who do all the work have none of the energy and optimism.

  2. “Things like will-power, commitment, and determination have to replace the momentum of newness.” Wonderfully stated. Good to be reading your writing again.

    Awesome title. I bet that Slim would dig some old Godzilla movies. He could fully incorporate that character into his Clone Wars universe.

    1. Thank you Chase!

      David checked out a book at school about Godzilla and was hooked. I was worried the movies wouldn’t hold his attention but he loves them. I, on the other hand, am faking it — I can take a bit of Godzilla but it’s been 10 days. 10 days!!


  3. David sounds like a lot of fun. I think many people, most in fact, can relate to the reality of wearing down after fresh New Year’s starts. I was just writing about that today and saw that as many as 8 of 10 folks fail in their January resolutions. You’ve got a great thought though: If only we could jump out of bed each day with the spirit of a child! Well, at least there’s coffee 😉

    1. David is nothing if not fun. He keeps me on my toes!

      I have very mixed feelings about New Year’s Resolutions. I’m a big believer in making change when you’re ready to to make it — not waiting for a date on the calender. However, the date 1/1 still holds some magic for me. I think your advice for resolutions is awesome!!

      (Click here to read Clay’s EduClaytion – his tips for resolutions are great.)

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