Big Changes and Radical Moves

In one week I’ll be trading my life of a work-at-home, stay-at-home mom for the life of a full-time working, commuting, where’s-my-travel-mug asking, child-care-arranging mom. It’s back to work for me!

My career path hasn’t been a straight one. I left social work years (and years and years and years) ago to be an Air Force officer. Since then I’ve been a college counselor, an etiquette consultant, and a stay-at-home mom. And now I’m returning to my professional roots. I’m going to be a social worker again. Yikes!

I began preparing for this change last week.  I have cleaned, sorted, donated, and organized. I’ve purchased a cookbook that features meals that freeze well. I’ve relearned how to program the coffee maker. I’ve gone to all my favorite classes at the gym just one last time. This is more nesting than I ever did before having a baby! I’m either super-prepared or just kidding myself.

I plan to use some of my last week at home for writing. To work on all those blog ideas I have scrawled on Post-it notes throughout my house, all the ideas that never made it off a list because they are YET ANOTHER digression from etiquette.

So, in honor of the other changes in my life, it’s time for a blog change. I’ve decided to stop begging forgiveness for my frequent digressions and, instead, embrace them by changing from Etiquette From the Trenches to Life From the Trenches, freeing me to write about anything and everything. (I feel like there should be some other change to mark this moment but I’m short on time so I changed the background color. I know; it was a radical move.)

If you read this blog for the etiquette, I hope you’ll keep reading because I’m going to keep writing my version of modern etiquette! Personally, I think the way people behave is fascinating. I love it and it will still be a big part of my blog. In fact, etiquette will be its own category. I occasionally receive questions from people who follow me on Facebook or through this blog and I’d love to incorporate more of those questions into my etiquette posts.

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear from some of my tens of readers! Do you read solely for the etiquette? Do you ever make freeze-ahead meals? Am I the only one who has trouble matching the right lid with the right travel mug? Do you like the new, bold background color?

39 thoughts on “Big Changes and Radical Moves

  1. Way to go lady…I am impressed and inspired by your bold changes! I am excited to hear your take on some “office etiquette” and perhaps just some from the road stories. And…I love the new bold color. 😉

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming career change! I’ll be glad to keep reading. I read because I like to hear what you are up to and because your blogs are well-written. I’m sure both cases will continue to be true, no matter what your topics are!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I really appreciate the encouragement of a writer! This blog started for mostly business-related reasons and has become something completely different. I love the community of blogging, the outlet it provides, and writing!

      It’s also been a fun way to catch up with old friends. 😉


  3. Sounds like a change for the better, Amy. I’ve always enjoyed your posts ever since I came across the first one a while back. Keep up the good work.


  4. Soup. It’s easy to prepare, and freezes well. Boil your favorite veggies (carrot, parsnip, leek, squash, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, etc.), process through the blender, season to taste with pepper and/or fresh herbs. Or, you can refer to my blog for an excellent recipe for homemade chicken soup!

    I hope you like your new job! Toi toi toi, and all the best! Looking forward to reading Life from the Trenches.

    – Viola –

    1. I will be checking out that chicken soup! I think soup in general sounds perfect, especially this time of year. My goal is to keep it mostly healthy even when our time gets crunched by my working.

      Appreciate it!

  5. I seem to steal (accidently) travel mugs from people then have lost lids that randomly turn up….Blogs are fun, anything you write about sounds good to me! As I live by myself I typically make a meal then eat it throughout the week. But enchiladas, chicken chili all freeze well. Plus you should try the baked ziti recipe I found. It’s uber good and I bet it freezes well.

  6. Amy your writing is awesome and I hope you can continue it with whatever field you choose – can’t wait for your wit on your new adventures!
    I’m a fan no matter what and will keep reading you and wishing I could write like you! Good Luck Girl! Hope you’ll keep in touch!

    1. I think it was just inevitable! Social work is most likely what I’m meant to be doing — time to stop running from it. 🙂
      I’ve worked child protective services before and am excited to return to that type of work – I have more experience to bring to these kids and families this go-round.


  7. From one parenting blogger to another, I am excited for you both for the life change and for the new angles open to you in the blog. Congratulations and I look forward to reading.

  8. Good luck! I returned to working part time last spring after being home for 4 years. The adjustment took a little while, but we’re hanging in there.

    1. That’s good to hear. I know that, despite all my attempts to prepare, it’ll be a bit bumpy at first. My goal for the first week is just to have everyone in clean clothes and fed each day — lofty goals, I know.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting,

  9. Personally, I’m not here because you write about etiquette; instead, I’m here in spite of it!


    I think you are an inspired writer with an interesting perspective on life. I look forward to reading about a wider variety of topics.

    Best of luck to you!

    1. I love your response! Thank you. I’ve had a few personal friends tell me they read my blog “even though” I write about etiquette. It seems like you’re not alone in this sentiment! 🙂

      Really appreciate your kind words. It’s good to feel more free in what I write!


  10. I was ready to bail on this thing until I actually saw the new background color. I’m staying.

    Good writing is good writing, Amy, regardless of the topic. You’ll make whatever you right about entertaining, thought-provoking, and enjoyable to read.

    Good luck with the new chapter.


  11. Amy – I have so enjoyed reading your blog post as well as your twitter posts. They are wonderful and always make me not only smile, but also long for the days when my children were at home. I wish you much good luck, good fortunes, and positive affirmations in your new endeavor. PLEASE…keep writing, though!

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