Flattery and Rejection

I’m a list maker. I write to-do lists for work, to-do lists for home, lists of things to gently and lovingly remind my husband to do, and lists of potential blog topics. Only about a quarter of the items on my blog list actually make it to the blog. Well that’s about to change! (Lucky you.) Below are the moments from this week that made my list but not my blog. They may not be individually good enough but together they are mighty.

Also, it’s been a long week; I’m too tired for segues and transitions.

1. With me, flattery will get you everywhere.

A girl in David’s second grade class told me I’m beautiful. Granted, at the time, I was holding a big plate of cookies. But, even if her motivation was VIP snack service, it made my day. And she did get the biggest cookie. And seconds. And I gave her the first juice box. (Note to men reading this: spontaneous, sincere, unsolicited flattery is your key to more than just better snacks.)

2. You are hereby honorably discharged …

This week Keith’s obligation to the Air Force officially ended. Four years after leaving active duty, he is done and can no longer be called back into service. For some people, reaching this milestone is a reason to celebrate. For Keith, even though his time in service included two long tours in Afghanistan, it was a sad day. His military service was more than a career step or a paycheck. He was an awesome officer but he’s an even better husband and father. His decision to leave the military was a hard one but it was right for our family. It was selfless of him. Isn’t that amazing?

3. “… your fingerprints have been rejected.”

My new job requires that I have my background screened. Not a big deal because, once upon a time, I held a security clearance so I’ve been checked and screened many times before. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I woke up to an email saying, “We have received notification from the state or FBI that your fingerprints have been rejected.” What? My pre-coffee brain took a moment to realize that I just had to retake my fingerprints because they “lacked detail.” (The lady taking my fingerprints had so kindly mentioned that my fingers were dry and hard to capture.) What three things did this email mean to me? First, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says I need to moisturize. Second, if you need anyone to rob a bank, I’m your gal. Third, I won’t start work on Monday. I’ll start … sometime … after Monday. (Have I mentioned before that I dislike vagueness?)

4. I need to start work so I can stop preparing to start work.

I am perhaps over-preparing for my reentry into full-time work. My big thing this week has been preparing and freezing meals so we can have home cooked meals despite our lack of a chef, personal shopper, or housekeeper. I bought a book with recipes and freezing techniques for cooking meals ahead of time and have been a cooking machine. I’m so impressed with my culinary preparedness! However, I’ve learned that as fascinated as I am by this process, it’s slightly less fascinating to others; my husband no longer wants to humor me by oohing and aahing over wrapped lumps of frozen food.

That was my week in a disconnected nutshell.

Coming up next week: Tips for teaching children discretion and what to do when our children choose a very public moment to have absolutely no discretion. (No, I don’t plan to start writing ‘Coming Attractions’ but, this week, it’s all part of the over-preparation from #4.)


10 thoughts on “Flattery and Rejection

  1. I love the cookie story, Amy! Very sweet!

    Glad Keith is going to be around home more!

    I feel your pain about your fingers…it’s been really cold here, and my hands are so dry, the skin is cracking! Crossing my brittle fingers that your job will start soon!

    Can’t wait for the lesson in teaching children discretion!!! I’m guessing it might have something to do with the hermaphrodite incident?


  2. My most sincere congratulations to Keith! As one retiree to another, the Big Day is very, very bittersweet. The day I was “piped over the side” was one I’ll never forget. Hardly a day goes by where some little incident will remind me of something I did in that former life. Fair winds and following seas to you.

    I am currently recounting some of my life as a Navy man in my blog. You might find it amusing; especially as it is from the enlisted point of view.


    1. Thank you! I checked out your blog again the other day and it’s a wonderful. I plan to go back and read more this week. I think it’s so great that you’re capturing all these memories and military history — thank you!


  3. Nothing is more attractive that a woman holding a big plate of cookies. Or a convicted axe murderer holding a big plate of cookies. Maybe it’s the cookies.

    The fourth lesson might be that you need to take better care of your hands. Might involve professional help? Just thinking you could turn that rejection into a manicure and hand care opportunity.

    Tell Keith thank you.

  4. I think you’re beautiful. Can you fax me a cookie? 😉

    Hope the reentry goes well. And congratulations to Keith. As Shakespeare wrote, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” Here’s to more sweetness than sorrow.

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