Go Diggers Beat the Seelers!

My husband is from the upper peninsula of Michigan which apparently, this weekend, meant he is from Green Bay. Football fervor hit our house in an unprecedented way. I’m not much of football fan. In fact, I’d estimate that about 100% of my Super Bowl knowledge this year came from reading Some Species Eat Their Young (The Super Bowl and Prop Bets: Will Raji’s Pants Hold? was particularly enlightening). I always watch the Super Bowl but, no surprise here, it’s for the commercials. (That kid in the Darth Vader suit was my hands-down favorite this year.)

But this year my husband was excited that our team was playing. Our team! I’d missed the part of our wedding vows where I swore to support the Packers but apparently it was in there.

So, I decided to join in the Packers frenzy. I started by getting the kids excited about THE PACKERS! Our team! From almost-Michigan! It backfired a bit though; I’d forgotten that there’s a fine line between whipping my kids into a metaphorical frenzy and an actual frenzy. The girls became Packers cheerleaders and the entire first quarter of the game was watched with them doing leaps and “Go Packers” cheers right in front of the TV. They did occasionally forget the word Packers and would replace it with the word Diggers. “GO DIGGERS BEAT THE SEELERS!” This was a bit hard for Keith to take, being from Green Bay and all.

I tried to explain foot ball to the kids but that didn’t go too well. It was just too much effort to try and answer questions like these:

Then came the half time show. This is how we do half time at our house.

My husband, through gritted teeth, suggested that the kids go to bed after the halftime. I agreed; he deserved to at least watch the Diggers play uninterrupted for the last half. My only regret is that I wasn’t recording my husband for the last minutes of the game. He was a bit happy with the results. (By this point the Super Bowl had become the background sound to the book I was reading.)

Fortunately for me Clay over at EduClaytion posted How To Discuss The Super Bowl Even Though You Didn’t Watch so I will sound like I actually watched the game and not just my football frenzied family. That is if I ever have an adult conversation again because we’re home for the sixth snow day in a row. THE SIXTH. But I digress …

16 thoughts on “Go Diggers Beat the Seelers!

  1. Yikes…sixth one in a row, Amy? My kids had their fifth one of the winter last Thursday…

    It’s snowing again today, but hopefully will not lead to another snow day…

    Hope you return to grownup land soon!


  2. No one should be stuck inside for six snow days. I feel your pain. Cruel and unusual punishment – plus married to a Cheesehead. You are up for sainthood. 🙂

  3. The videos worked for me. I really wanted to hear the rest of your explanation: “Well…” And I’m still a bit dizzy from the spinning in the second video. That was impressive. And your daughter had her Slash hair going, too.

    My favorite part was the dog nonchalantly wandering through the frame, though, sort of like, “Just another day around here…”

    Glad I could help provide some Super Bowl “knowledge” for you this year.

    Six snow days? Damn.

    1. I think I had to turn the camera off so I could use my hands while explaining. I have trouble explaining football without hand gestures.
      Ha! I had to rewatch to see the dog. Poor dogs. They have to put up with a lot.

      Eighth day now, Chase. The fun of snow days has become a distant memory.


  4. Hello there, this is Jeanne from Another Stir of the Spoon, a Stylish Blogger Award winner, thanks to Wendy. I would have invited your husband to my house if I knew he could have made it here through your snow. I’m just outside Green Bay. This is a Packer household and I’m the crazed fan who invited over friends to watch the game. I’m the one who screamed and cheered and was pretty tense in the end like your guy. My husband humors me by making sure everyone is fed (vegetarian chili) and watered (beer, wine, soda). I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

    1. Hello, Jeanne! My husband would have loved being in your Packer household for the game. We were a rough crowd for him to watch with! I would have loved the veggie chili and wine.

      Congrats on your award and thanks so much for the blogroll addition. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog. Once I get these kids back to school and have time again! I still haven’t written my stylish blogger piece! It’s my next post …. 🙂

  5. It is funny how children change their allegiance according to what their friends like, who has the neatest uniforms, if the name is easy to pronounce and whatever else the wind blows in . My son cheered for the Packers too; even though we have always been Chargers fans. Kids, the biggest fair-weather fans ever. lol
    Great post. loved it.

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