The jig is up, Valentine’s Day haters.

The jig is up, Valentine’s Day haters. I’m on to you. Bless your cynical little hearts but it’s time to make peace with February 14. I know all your arguments because I married one of you. So let’s examine them closer.


Valentine’s Hater Argument #1: Commercialism

Has Valentine’s been commercialized? Absolutely! What holiday hasn’t? Haters start with this argument and say things like, “I won’t give in to the commercialism of singing Valentine’s cards, boxed chocolates, and don’t even get me started on the flowers.”

Okay, make your stand.

There are more than enough people buying into the commercialism that society doesn’t notice your moral protest. The only one noticing is your significant other. What does he or she get for Valentine’s? Rants about Valentine’s.

So, if you’re truly abstaining from Valentine’s because of commercialism, then do something that’s not commercial! Write a letter. Draw a picture. Cook a dinner. Wash the dishes. Or are you just busy … abstaining?

Valentine’s Hater Argument #2: Love should not be dictated by a date on a calendar.

I love this one because the argument itself sounds so romantic. Okay, I agree that love should be expressed every day. But every day the dishes should also be washed, dinner cooked, little one’s bathed, toys picked up, careers attended to, and dogs walked. Every day is not romantic and I bet that 98.9% of the people citing this excuse are not the incurable romantics that their statements would suggest. If you’re one of the1.1% of people truly finding little ways each day to express and demonstrate love then wonderful. You are fully exempt from Valentine’s. (Although something tells me those 1.1% of people aren’t ranting against Valentine’s.)

Valentine’s Hater Argument #3: I’m not an overly sappy, sentimental, romantic person.

This is an easy one. If you’re not overly sappy, sentimental or romantic then don’t be! Who says expressing love has to involve violins playing, candlelit dinners, love poems, or chick flicks? Find your own way to express your love. Real love isn’t sappy anyway, is it?

There you have it – my best attempt to reform Valentine’s haters. This post is dedicated to my husband, who is either a former Valentine’s hater or a slightly less vocal one.

10 thoughts on “The jig is up, Valentine’s Day haters.

  1. well done, if you can convert just one into making a cup of early morning coffee, (maybe with a flower from the garden?) for their love on Valentine’s morning, then your work here is successful.

  2. You aimed and fired right through my cynical little heart! When I was attached we often grabbed friends and hit up a nice restaurant on V-Day. Always enjoyed that. Of course I blasted the event in my post the other day. I don’t really despise the thing as much as I made out, but I was definitely trying to capture the attention of others who feel the same way. Most of the ones who connected were ladies. I guess the day can be great or miserable. I’m kind of in the “I don’t really care either way” camp.

    1. I promise I wrote this before reading your post! 🙂 I still haven’t cast my vote; I’m torn.
      I’ve definitely been in the “I don’t care either way” camp before. It’s really become a holiday for the kids for us — although sometimes my husband surprises me. (In truth, I wrote this post for him — whatever it takes.)

      Thanks Clay and Happy Valentine’s,

  3. People overcomplicate these types of holidays. It’s little things. Stepping out of the bedroom to let one rather than unleasing it under the covers is a simple gesture that says, “I care” (I believe this was referred to as a “Dutch Oven” moment at Aunt Bethany’s). Again, little things.

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