Tea parties, missing front teeth, glitter, and Harry Potter: Perfection

(This post may sound familiar to some of you because it’s a repost of something I wrote earlier this year. I loved reading all the comments that came with Freshly Pressed yesterday (thank you WordPress!!) and so many people mentioned how much they miss the sounds of  childhood when they’re gone. Of course, that got me thinking about my little hooligans growing up. So, I’m reposting my thoughts on that subject.)

“Know how to live the time that is given you.” – Dario Fo

I’ve had time on my mind lately.  There is nothing more finite.  You get 60 minutes to each hour, 24 of those in a day and that’s it – no one gets any more or less than anyone else.  Time is a great equalizer.

I planned to write tonight about being intentional in the way we spend our time, and about being aware of other people’s time because their 24 hours are just as important as ours.  But, instead, all I can think about tonight, in relation to time, are the three kids sound asleep down the hallway.

I’ve made the conflicting wishes every parent makes: to speed through a certain phase or to pause at a certain age for just a bit longer. But, ultimately, I want time to slow down and my kids to stay little until I’m ready for them to be big.

I have an eight-year old son and he still (don’t tell) occasionally cuddles with me.  It’s becoming increasingly rare and I always think to myself that this may be it – the final time he allows himself to be little enough to cuddle up with his mom.  And so I drink it in.  I can’t slow time but I slow myself to fully absorb the moment.

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” – C. S. Lewis

Today was a day filled with tea parties, missing front teeth, glitter, Harry Potter, dolls, Godzilla, time outs, snacks, hugs, kisses, ouches, stickers, rough-housing, whining, twirling, joke-telling, and question asking.  Today was perfect.  Today was a day I lived with my eyes opened.  I stored it away because soon, before I’m ready, those things will be replaced by other things like driver’s licenses, dating, and college applications.

I hope I remember that tomorrow.  I hope I take the time again to drink it up.  Take it in.  Slow down and be there.

Molly at play
Slow down, Baby Girl!

8 thoughts on “Tea parties, missing front teeth, glitter, and Harry Potter: Perfection

  1. Exactly true. Good post 🙂 You’re an excellent writer and blogger, I’m now going to subscribe to you. Gotta keep up!

    ~ Matt

  2. Congrats again on FP, Amy!

    Love the C.S. Lewis quote…we just got in 9 of his books at the store yesterday!

    Sometimes I miss the days when the kids were little, but then I remember the diapers…


  3. Ok, I must admit I am a little tipsy after the wine me and Mr shared and therefore a little emotional. But your post got me a little extra this night.

    We have the second night “off”. Both kids ( 7 and 5) are away for the week-end. One at my mum’s the other at his. A couple of tears slowly reaches down my cheeks. I do the same, kiss and cuddle all I can since I don’t know how long it will last. And I will be sure to have taken every chance I had.

    Love your writing, I will be sure to follow you.
    Louise, Sweden.

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