A cautionary tale of mullets and mayhem

Apparently children require supervision; constant, unrelenting supervision.  This universal truth isn’t forgiving. It’ll jump up and bite you when given even the smallest opportunity.

Turn your back for a second and before you can say “aren’t they so cute,” a peaceful session of sidewalk art:

Angelic artists

Turns into something entirely different:

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Step into the other room and your child becomes living art:

Fortunately, the coloring book was untouched.


A poorly timed glance in the mirror and “Okay, Molly, you can put on some of Mommy’s make-up,” becomes:

Molly goes for the natural look

And, of course there’s the ultimate example; the supreme argument for parental supervision. Nothing says “mommy and daddy aren’t looking right now” like The Mullet:

Business in the front

Need to see that one again?

Party in the back

So, parents, remain ever vigilant. They’re small but fast.

8 thoughts on “A cautionary tale of mullets and mayhem

  1. So funny and so true. My sister and her girlfriends gave themselves haircuts in the backyard when we were growing up. Not pretty when you consider my mom does not have your sense of humor. Your angels with the green faces look like they were at the spa getting mud masks. Impressive.

  2. haha… my sister did her own hair a few times… the last time was the worst, though… she cut right by her forehead, and had a buzz-cut about the size of her hand from forehead back. just in time for picture day. after that, our hairdresser brought out the electric razor, turned it on, and told her he was going to shave her bald if she ever cut her own hair ever again.

  3. Glad to see a new post, Amy!

    Luckily, hair grows back, (except on dolls…kids just don’t get that!).

    I learned a long time ago to mistrust silence when the kids are playing in the other room…

    I came home from work one night to find my ex-husband sleeping on the couch as my then 2-year-old oldest daughter was “re-organizing” my carefully put-together photo albums (23 years later, the pictures she pulled out are still in a shoebox!).


  4. Omigoodness! The little green faces are hilarious!

    Monkey never did any of that stuff.

    Honestly, I am waiting for his big rebellion: the day he walks downstairs and declares (while holding a fat dubie of sticky green marijuana in his fingers): “Just so you know, I’m never showering again, I’m done with school, I just hacked into the computer at the Pentagon and…” – with full knowledge of my phobia – “…I’ve had head lice for the last two weeks and I have put my head on every pillow in the house.”

    Nah. It’ll never happen. You can never predict the stuff they are going to do. 😉

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