When a tornado hits

When a tornado hits parents grab their children, run to shelter, and then they do something amazing. Parents throw themselves over their little ones, using their bodies as a layer of protection. It’s instinctive and spontaneous and beautiful.

 It’s what happened in my bedroom closet. Keith grabbed our little girls, ran into our closet, and laid his body over them. He saved their lives.

Last night, parents across our town saved their children. Our town is devastated; our homes gone; some of our people missing. But we will be okay because my community is filled with people who threw themselves over little ones; people who ran to their neighbors even while their own homes were reduced to rubble on foundation; people who dug for hours on the chance there might be someone to save.

And today something else amazing happened. Today we felt the world reach out in truly meaningful, personal ways. Friends from around the world extended their help and compassion. So, thank you to everyone who reached out to us and to Joplin, Missouri. The brave parents who covered their children yesterday are the ones needing covering today. Please continue to pray, to reach out, and to provide us with this much-needed layer of protection.

33 thoughts on “When a tornado hits

  1. Buz and I have been praying SO MUCH today. For restoration. For healing. For a spirit of community. Love you so much.

    Also, what an incredible post. I cannot imagine watching my hubby lay over my children in an effort to save them. What a beautiful (if possible) picture.

  2. I am so so sorry your family & your community are going through this! I truly will pray for you. We ARE the Body!

  3. Oh god, a closet? I’d hoped you had a basement.

    This is beautiful, because you viewed this disaster through those eyes – the eyes of saving a child – not of destruction.

    This is part of why I love you, my dear.

    My thoughts, prayers, and hopefully aid in some form are headed your way – just as soon as I figure out logistics.

  4. I had no idea you were in that area. I’m so glad to know you made it through safely. Your friends and neighbors will be needing your positive outlook in the rough days that surely lie ahead. Let your light so shine! Praying you have the strength and courage to help others find their way.

  5. “Parents throw themselves over their little ones, using their bodies as a layer of protection. It’s instinctive and spontaneous and beautiful.” What a wonderful (and true) sentiment, during such a terrifying time.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Joplin and surrounding areas. I am happy to hear one of our own (a fellow blogger) and her family are safe.
    ~ Lenore

  6. Had n0 idea where you were based but can only imagine how traumatic this week has been for all of you out there. Keep strong and safe. 🙂

  7. Amy, my prayers continue for your family and the area. Again and again I will say that I am so glad you and your family are safe!!! HUGS!!!

  8. I didn’t know you were located in that area, Amy. I hope all goes well and that things are swiftly rebuilt. If your post is any indication, the people of Joplin are very resilient. Love to all.

  9. Oh Amy! I just read this. I pictured my little family hiding in a closet when I read this. I am so sorry but thank you…thank you for looking for the beauty in the pain. You are amazing. Please let your blogging family know if you need anything. I am just an email away.

    Mypajamadays @gmail.com

  10. My prayers are with you, your family and your community Amy. Life is so precious, beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. I have quite a bit of stuff — household items, children’s clothing, etc. I was looking to send to families/communities that are searching for relief. If there is an address to send donations such as these, I would be happy to send them your way.

  11. Amy, I forgot that’s where you live. I’m so sorry for what you are going through but so glad your family is OK. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and your entire community.

  12. Amy,
    Glad to know that you and your family are well considering everything.
    Prayers from Miami,

  13. Oh wow. You’ve been through a lot and still have a great perspective. I was just talking with one of my best friends who went to college in Joplin and used to work at the hospital. It’s unreal. My prayers are with you and those in your area.

  14. you don’t know me…
    I lived in Joplin until Feb of this year.
    we moved to Picayune, MS(my husbands hometown)because we felt this is what God wanted us to do.
    We lived next door to Dillon’s at Hampshire Apartments.
    My heart is breaking for Joplin.
    We will arrive next Friday, June 17th. Is there anything I can get for your family? please email me at nevertime72@gmail.com…..even washcloths or whatever you can think of! praying for all of Joplin…..
    I have a blog…http://keepingitreal-neverenoughtime.blogspot.com/
    just so you don’t think I am some crazy lady…well, I do have 5 kids, so well….HUGS

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