Need you to get kids asap

Today is Molly’s birthday! She’s three (going on fourteen).  I am so grateful I’m not with her on her birthday.


It’s true I’m sad not to kiss and squish her little, three-year-old face BUT the reason I’m not with her is because Molly is loved beyond words. 

Molly has grandparents who ran to their car and drove three hours on the night of May 22, 2011 after they received this vague message from me: “Mom, Dad hit by tornado. Need you to get kids asap.” And they drove without hesitation or a plan (not even a rendezvous plan) into an area fresh from a disaster unlike any I hope to see again.

They came so that Molly’s, David’s, and Emily’s days would not be filled with scenes like this:

But instead with moments like these:

A stylish lunch!


Don't ask ... I know I didn't!

Happy birthday, baby girl. I’ll see you tomorrow but today I know that you’re in the best possible place on earth.  Surrounded by people whose love knows no limits.

26 thoughts on “Need you to get kids asap

  1. Molly is blessed to have a mom like you! Enjoy your blog so much–through my tears–it touches a mother’s/nana’s heart….thank you for sharing your journey. May God bless you and your’s and restore beyond measure what this horrible storm has taken from you!

  2. I look for your blog each day. My hearts aches when I read what you have been through and then I go hug the ones I love.. I think that you are such a strong person and can only imagine what you are going through. Keep writing to remind all of us what is really important in life!

  3. Happy birthdya to your daughter. You made the best decision for your children. and you post mad eme cry. you have great parents for not even asking question just getting in a car and coming to fetch your kids. you are truly blessed. soon you will wrap your arms around them.

  4. This is beautiful, Amy! What an amazing perspective you have amid such devastation. I’m still praying for you and the folks of Joplin as you find your new normal.

  5. Happy b’day to Molly. I find myself reading your blogs daily and thinking, “What was it again that I felt so overwhelmed by again?” Sheesh. I think you found your book. It’s called PERSPECTIVE. You’ve given it to a lot of us.

    1. My husband and I talk about our new perspective all the time. Every time I start to lose it in the day-to-dayness of life I hear another person’s story from May 22 (or just drive through our neighborhood) and it comes racing back — can’t help but being overwhelmed with gratefulness (and, sadly, sometimes guilt) that my family is so okay.

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