Be a man

Sometimes fathers are heroes.  Sometimes grandfathers are rescuers.  Most of the time they’re just men who let their lives be changed forever by the birth of a child. 

(Click here to read the excellent post I read this morning about a father who describes this better than I ever could.)

Happy Father’s Day to:

  • Men who know that “be a man” means so much more than shooting and spitting
  • Men who step in to parent in place of other men who can’t or won’t
  • Women who parent without partners
  • Men who know that their time and attention is just as crucial as their paycheck
  • Fathers who paint toenails, explode volcanoes, build pirate ships, and otherwise prioritize making memories
  • Grandfathers who, while utterly exhausted by their grandchildren, take delight in their craziness and hear music in their laughter
  • Uncles who spend their leave from work sorting through a broken home and damaged belongings to bring their nieces and nephews back to normal after a tornado
  • Other uncles and family members who realize the importance of their presence in the life of a child
  • Grandfathers who jump into pools clothed, start inappropriate dinner conversations, and play the guitar for dancing grand-daughters all for the sake of love, joy, and laughter
  • Grandfathers who are loving but, to quote my daughter Emily, in less “ridiculous” ways
  • Dads who love their children more than their own lives and , in dramatic and less dramatic ways, live accordingly every single day

 May your day be filled with appreciation, gratitude, and ridiculous love!

10 thoughts on “Be a man

  1. The fully clothed is a much better option than the not clothed which is frowned upon. 🙂 He loves to tell my kids “the pools not ready yet … almost there … still not ready” and then surprise them by jumping in unexpectedly — they love it too!

  2. please stop! I can’t read these without getting tear eyed, not approriate at work. but then again I should not read bloggs at work.. so please coninue with your great writing.

  3. I just popped by and read all of the posts I have missed. I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since I’d dropped by and couldn’t believe what you and your family have been through. So relieved that you are all safe. We have had lots of tornados up my way here in Nebraska the last few days…so far none have cause much damage but I await in anxious anticipation for the twister season to be over. And I loved the post about Molly goind outside. My little girl will be 4 in August and this sounds like something she would do too. I hope things continue to get ever better for all of you.

  4. Great post! Don’t you just love grand-dads who take such joy in their grandkids. It helps ease the burden of parenting for overworked and overwhelmed parents. One category you failed to mention. Dads who parent without partners. They are a forgotten population.

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