Just beyond

Life is fine, busy, productive … normal.

Then – with the suddenness of the storm itself – a certain song plays on the radio, you take a wrong turn and drive through missing neighborhoods, or your child has a nightmare and you’re startled with the reminder that something big happened, something life changing, something that can’t be undone.

You’re reminded that powerful emotions belonging to words like grief, fear and helplessness lie just beneath the surface. A rawness still exists. A wound only partially healed.

And once again you fight to get over it, once again you move on, once again you turn your thoughts to other things.

You hug longer, you breathe in deeper, you open your eyes and pay attention. But you move on until the next song, the next unexpected detour, the next dream.

That’s resiliency. That’s life.

Because just beyond
grief, fear, helplessness
we find
joy, bravery, compassion … grace.

Maybe it takes experiencing the first set of words to fully appreciate the second.

Maybe it’s good to stay a little raw. Because without that wound, that tinge of unexpected remembrance, we’d let little moments pass us by without noticing.

We’d forget the clarity that came when the clouds cleared.

22 thoughts on “Just beyond

  1. It is absolutely good to stay raw for a little while. And yes- if you have never felt true hunger, you can’t appreciate food fully. You can’t appreciate a warm bed if you’ve never stood outside, soaked to the bone, with no sign of a break in the storm. We forget how good God is.

  2. If we don’t taste the bitter, we will never appreciate the sweet. When I find I have taken a detour, I get back to my prayer closet and all things just seem to right itself. Great post.

  3. I agree with you, to fully appreciate the good in life sometimes you have to experience the bad. I don’t think your experience is something you will every fully get over. But like you said, you can go back to other things while it still lingers under the surface.

    1. And it’s when you’re doing the other things that you find yourself changed, hopefully for the better. Because even the routine matters more. Priorities realign. Perspective kicks in. It’s, suprisingly, a good thing!

  4. It’s the little things, a glance, a chance meeting, or a spoken word, that bring back bigger memories. A horrific experience never really goes away, but we all are resilient and rise above them, as you have done. I wish your family continued good health.

  5. “Because just beyond
    grief, fear, helplessness
    we find
    joy, bravery, compassion … grace.”

    Said so perfectly…Life is all about that balance…and the wounds are an inevitable part of it. We need to feel ray to appreciate feeling healed.

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