Birthday thoughts on sleep, peas, potty training, and combat boots

Almost a year ago, for my birthday, I wrote a self-indulgent, little list of my lessons learned in the past decade.  I’m not normally one to repost a blog post but I’m fairly certain I had ten followers at the time (all immediate family) so it’s almost like a new post, right?  (Hey, it’s my birthday.  Go with it.) 

Things I’ve learned in the past decade:

  • Sleep is precious.
  • I will never like fish or peas, not even when I get older.
  • Sometimes the only thing to say is “I’m sorry.”
  • I miss camouflage and combat boots.
  • Marriage isn’t supposed to be romantic. (It’s bigger than roses and candlelight anyway!)
  • Parenting magazines stress me out.
  • There’s power in small acts of kindness.
  • No matter how much I get rid of before a move there will always be a box (or ten) filled with stuff that wasn’t worth moving across the country.
  • Real friends are the people I can call after years of not talking and feel like we picked up mid-conversation.
  • There but for the grace of God, go I.
  • I am not good at potty training.
  • I am, however, good at house training dogs. Go figure.
  • I will never understand how the Internet works.
  • My kids hear everything.
  • Some short-cuts are worth taking.
  • Everybody is NOT looking at me.
  • There is never enough time.
  • There is no mandatory pt in the civilian world so I’m solely responsible for finding time to exercise.
  • “Life is too short” is not an excuse to live recklessly; it’s the reason to live thoughtfully.
  • Parenting is not easy.
  • Never let kids see their schoolwork or art in the trash.
  • I should never leave a room without putting away at least one thing. If there’s nothing to put away, I need to look around carefully because I’ve possibly walked into the wrong house.
  • This too shall pass is true, no matter what “this” is

A year has gone by since I wrote this list and it’s been quite a year.  I’ve relearned some of these things and had to put some of them into action like never before.  I hope to learn less in the next year.  Life lessons are exhausting!

What life lessons have I missed?

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