A Stick, A Beaver, And God

Says the teacher to the parent, “When you get home, ask her to tell you all about the stick she received in chapel.”

Each child was handed a stick. The stick presumably went hand-in-hand with the lesson taught in chapel. Object lessons come in handy when talking to three and four-year olds about abstract concepts. My Molly was one of those three-year olds armed with a stick and a valuable, new understanding of … something.

Me: “So, Molly, why did you get a stick?”

Molly: “Because I like sticks.”

Me: “Is the stick supposed to remind you of something?”

Molly: “No.”

Me: “Did your teacher tell you the stick means something?”

Molly: “It means nothing.”

Me: “Nothing at all?”

Molly: “Beavers like sticks. They come from big trees.”

Me: “Oh! Did you talk about beavers in chapel?”

Molly: “I think so.”

Me: “So what did your teachers say about sticks and beavers.”

Molly: “Something about God.”

And there we have it. Molly and I have had different variations of this conversation since chapel. They’ve pretty much gone the same way. I’ve come to two different possible conclusions:

  1. It was a do-it-yourself chapel lesson. Can you imagine a do-it-yourself sermon? Everyone in the congregation would receive a stick with the instructions, “Use this stick to teach a lesson. (Wait. Did that sound violent? I meant a lesson with words – not a lesson involving the threatening use of a stick). It should be something about God.”
  2. I will not know what that stick meant. Ever.

So what do you think? Any ideas? It has something to do with a stick, beavers, and (quite possibly) God.

7 thoughts on “A Stick, A Beaver, And God

  1. I used to teach catechism to elementary school kids. I am now left to wonder how many of my wonderful lessons were remembered as fondly as Molly’s… Surely those children hung on my every word and repeated them to Mom after pick-up. Surely?

  2. You should always work as hard as a beaver to do God’s work? Doing God’s work will keep you busy as beaver? God never stops working, like a beaver? Like a beaver, you should build a dam across the stream of sin flowing through the world?

    Okay, probably not that last one. Really, I got nothin’. 😀

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