Valentine’s Day Top 5: Car Crashes and Vaseline

5.  I survived a second-grade Valentine’s party.  (Note to self: A game involving 21 second-graders, Vaseline, and cotton balls?  Really???)  Classroom parties always serve as a POWERFUL reaffirmation of my respect admiration complete and total awe of teachers. 

4.  I skillfully drove Keith’s new car directly into our babysitter’s parked car.  Our babysitter still plans on coming back.  And Keith seems to be breathing normally again.  Forgiveness is sweet, especially when you’re the one needing forgiving.

3.  This evening, Molly (3) said to me, “You’re a good mom today.  You let me eat two times!”  (Best quote ever.)

2.  As we were leaving the school party David (9) said to me, “So mom, turns out I’m pretty popular with the ladies.” (Ha!)

1.  Valentine’s 2012 kicked my butt had some challenging moments.  But at the end of the day chocolate covered strawberries were made.  Chocolate covered strawberries.  ‘Nuff said.  (The makers of those strawberries were pretty cute too.)  Life is sweet.

I hope your day was filled with sweetness and smooth sailing.  Everyone survive? 

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Top 5: Car Crashes and Vaseline

  1. You had me at car crashes and Vaseline. 🙂 What a creative, catchy title. Sorry to hear your day wasn’t quite as awesome. However, these are the kinds of memories that make for great stories for years to come.

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