Top Five Signs It’s Been A Rough Week

5.  You find yourself humming “Gonna Fly Now” as you triumphantly proclaim the workday over.  (Eat your heart out Rocky.  Your steps had nothing on my week.)

4.  You had to choke back tears a couple of times when saying to a coworker/friend, “Thank God it’s Friday.”

3.  Your three-year old just asked you where the purple nail polish is – and you told her.

2.  You frightened the pizza delivery guy with your vehement and emotional gratitude.  “Thank you so, so much.  You have no idea what this means to me.”

1.  You’re about to eat dinner on a picnic blanket on the family room floor and it sounds more appealing than any five-star, dining experience on the entire planet.

Hello Friday night.  It’s been too long.

6 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I’d take the picnic blanket any day! Hope you get rested and revived this weekend. Sorry it was such a rough week. Get out the Flarp, you’ll feel better. 🙂

  2. Normal does take on a whole different look….love that sentiment. I have a bday invite still hanging on my fridge for my son’s bday taking place on May 22nd at 5:30. I think I’ll always keep that up….

  3. A little late, but I’ve just found your blog. On September 9, 2001 I watched a parade for Mexican Independence Day, on television – then, there was a small earthquake, and the rest of the day/evening, and through the next day, the televison programs were full of this event – listen, if you’ve ever had a very large dog jump on the bed? that’s how the earthquake felt to me, but it was NEWS!!!
    The next day, at 5.45am, I awoke to hell-on-earth, and the newspeople knew the true definition of NEWS!!!
    God gives us days we cannot, and should not, forget.
    God bless, Christine

    1. Christine, I agree completely. There are definitely days that should never be forgotten! I hope you don’t mind my approving this comment on this post — it’s a great comment and I read it with the right post in mind. 🙂

  4. Oh bosh! this was supposed to be on the post about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.
    God bles,, Christine

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