Good neighbors don’t flash each other.

We don’t have blinds on some of our windows yet.  The reasons for this blaring, privacy-prohibiting oversight are things like indecision and blinds on back-order.  (Of course, personally, I blame Keith.) 

Our new next-door neighbors are also somewhat blindless, which only seems fair.  I’ve become used to scenarios like David pronouncing from our dinner table that the next-door neighbors are watching basketball again. 

It’s a great way to get to know the new neighbors.

However, it’s also like performing nightly on an open stage.  I’m fairly certain that the neighbors are not overly concerned about any of the activities in our family room.  (And by “fairly certain” I mean I know they’re not.  I never see them watching us when I’m watching them.  Scared yet?)

However, it does make those oops the shirt I need to wear is in the laundry room moments a bit awkward. So, I’ve mastered the crouch walk that keeps me below line of sight (at least in my head).  I’ve learned to sprint through the family room when wrapped in a towel.  And I’m getting fairly good at making it look like I’m lovingly correcting the children when I’m, in fact, yelling at them.  (Thank God they don’t have a sound feed into our family room!)

I feel like making these efforts is just plain neighborly.  Good neighbors don’t flash each other.

I was tempted to make this blog post about feeling exposed.   I thought I could explore how we expose ourselves every day through social media and that we should be more aware – apply some filters, hang some blinds.

But I’ve decided not to do that.  This post is just about my efforts to not flash my new neighbors.   Because I think we need a bit more of that in the world.  And I know I’m not the only crouching, sprinter out there.  Just know you are not alone.  And, one day, you and I will both have blinds and we’ll remember these days.

One day.

8 thoughts on “Good neighbors don’t flash each other.

  1. I would just love to hear the dialogue at the neighbor’s house: wife to husband “there goes Amy again in her towel, what does she think we can’t see her crouch walking/running through the house?”

  2. Yes, the full length glass front door at the bottom of my stairs poses the same challenge. I’ve convinced myself that the distortions from the beveled glass are enough to disguise my dash to the laundry room. Yeah, I’m sticking with that.

  3. The neighbors are watching basketball again. Nice.

    Wasn’t there a recurring bit on Friends about the old naked guy they could see from Monica’s apartment?

    (The new theme looks nice.)

  4. Hehe, we still have a duvet cover hanging in our spare bedroom window. It’s a classy alternative! And a black bag (moisture-proof) serving as a blind in the bathroom. Even classier. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you. Of course! 😉

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