The Day The Music Died

Kids are obnoxious.  It’s not their fault, obnoxious is a developmental stage. 

But there is nothing (NOTHING!) that raises their obnoxiousness to new levels like when my kids have a song stuck in their heads.  Repetition does not faze kids.  Things do not stop being funny.  They are relentless. 

 I respond with my parental repertoire of encouragement, redirection, bribes, threat, and (finally) either hysterical laughter or tears. 

Then, once they finally stop, I come face to face with the horrible truth that these songs are now stuck in my head … for forever.

So, in order to share the misery serve as a warning to all parents, I present you with the top two songs my kids have been torturing me with lately.

Peanut butter and jelly anyone?

How about a little circus afro?

The only solution is to fight fire with fire. 

Oh yeah kid?  I see your Circus Afro and I raise you a Mahna Mahna.

What songs have your kids been torturing you with lately? Parents of older kids, does it ever stop?

19 thoughts on “The Day The Music Died

  1. Funny you should ask – my 10 year old, who has not watched Sesame St in 6 years, and his best friend spent an hour and a half in the car singing an Elmo-ized version of the LMFAO song, “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” I was like “How do you KNOW this song?” ~ classmates. They sing it, talk about the video, know the real lyrics, and think it’s hilarious to sing a cleaned up version in front of their parents.
    I’m Elmo and I know it ~
    Tickle tickle tickle tickle!

    1. I was going to post this one too. My daughter loves the techno beat. I had to draw the line at the nookie song though. It sounded like the same guys. She didn’t know what she was singing but not appropriate nonetheless.

  2. Love me some classic Muppets! Personally, I’m torn about which is better – kids’ songs or pop music? Those tween/early teen years are not much better than the early childhood years, as far as music goes!

  3. My 22-year old granddaughter calls me up and the very first words she speaks is “mahna-Manah” to which I always respond “do do dee do do”. She was glued to the TV set ever Muppet show. PS: I watched also.

  4. My children keep singing the dreaded “Friday” song. Apparently it is used in an Annoying Orange video on Youtube. Now I am singing it over and over and over in my head. Ugh.

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