Losing Perspective

I tried to see the world from someone else’s perspective, to walk a mile in their shoes and maybe understand things a bit better. But …

Why in the world would they wear these ridiculous shoes? And where are they walking to anyway? Why are they going so fast? Don’t they care about the scenery? For that matter, why are they so slow? Where is their drive and intensity? Who’s watching their children while they’re on this stroll? Do they even have children? Why so many? Why so few? Are they just okay that someone else raises their kids while they walk? Isn’t there anything better they could be doing with their time? Is this why they went to college? They did go, right? Don’t they know that they need higher intensity than walking? If they walk they may fall and then who’s supposed to come pick them up?

Well, there. I did it. Hopefully they’ve learned a thing or two. Perhaps I’ll just stick with my own shoes. They’re comfortable.


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